Interview with Emarosa


I had the chance to sit down with Emarosa before their show at Starland Ballroom, as they got there Zombie make up done, and talk about everything from how this tour as been to the new record Versus and even into future music and sides of Emarosa that haven’t been explored too much yet! See what the guys had to say and be sure to pick up Versus and keep an eye out for what’s coming next!


How’s Tour been so far?

Bradley: It’s been awesome!

Jordan: It’s really good to have the record out and be on tour at the same time. We’ve done one tour before but the record wasn’t out so we were stuck playing a lot of the old material so it’s been great to get out with Versus and see who checked out the record but then show it to new ears every night.

Bradly: 80% of the audience is new listeners which is exactly what I’d like use to be playing to right now.

Jordan: Definitely, try to add some new fans to the ones that have stuck with us all this time.



Speaking of Versus, how do you decide on a new setlist with a new record with a new vocalist vs old favorites?

Bradley: It’s really hard when all of the songs on the new record are great (laughing)… trying to pick one that you think stands out. Trying to pick, especially being the opening band, a select among to a limited time slot. We try to put as much of the new record on this tour as we could, we literally only have one old song on the setlist. We’re supporting the record on this tour, we did the tour with Chiodos and did 90% old material on that tour.


You mention the new material is the key component of this tour, how do you think that will change your performance from the Chiodos tour last spring?

Bradley: I think it’s worlds better.

Jordan: It’s our songs that we wrote as this band.

Bradley: With the Chiodos tour I was still feeling a little bit like filling in because it was still so many old songs and now that our record is out and we’re playing our stuff I’m really coming into my old. It feels like a band now.

Jordan: We’re feeling better and better every show.


What’s everyone’s favorite song on the setlist and why?

Will: Right now, “Say Hello to the Bad Guy” and why? Because it’s something so different than anything previously with Emarosa and it’s so much fun!

Jordan: That’s definitely a good one, there’s been a lot of energy and good vibes in the room with that one but right now I’m going with “People” [People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play] because it really gets it going.


You just released a video for that, right?

Jordan: Yes! We just put out that video!

Bradly: That’s really tough to pick just one song…

ER: Personally for me it’s about seeing people sing along to the new songs so I’d go with “I’ll Just Wait”. That’s one of the ones where I notice people actually singing along.

Will: When we lookup we can see sporadic fans throughout the crowd singing and I wish we could just chorale them all and put them in the middle of the room like guys have fun together!

Bradley: I think for me “A Hundred Crowns” is becoming one of my favorites; it’s got a cool different energy. I feel like I can really come alive in that song, it just does something to me.


Overall, how has reaction been to Versus so far, it’s certainly different than past records?

Bradley: It is. I can’t speak for everyone but everyone that’s heard it loves it.

Will: It’s been awesome! We’re having a blast. People have been super supportive and we’re pleasantly surprised.

Bradley: There was a lot of stress beforehand not knowing how it was going to go over, but then we released it and it went over so well.

Jordan: It’s cool to hear from people in their mid-20’s who sort of grew up on us say things like “wow the music has changed and it’s still right there with us.”


For those of you who were recording on the last album, how do you think the process was different this time around?

Will: It was SO different!

Jordan: It was cohesive this time.

Will: Yeah, this time it was a band writing music together instead of previously we’d done a lot of writing the song and then adding vocals on top of that after the song had already been written. With Bradley he was an intricate part of the process and helped write a lot of the music as well and was alongside every note of the music.


What did you guys learn this time around that you’ll bring into future records?

Will: Lots! Just so much…

So most important thing you’d say you learned?

Jordan: Each other’s strengths.

Bradley: Yeah, I’d say the vibe. There was a vibe going into this record that was not the most productive for us. The most important thing I think was just to be real open with communication about everything. Being in a band, especially with writing a record, is like being in a romantic relationship. Communication is the biggest thing. If someone writes something but someone else doesn’t like it they have to be honest.


What do you guys want to do differently next time?

Jordan: Not so much differently, just better. It took a while to get where we got but by the end of Versus we know where we want to at least start the next record.

Bradley: I think we had so many songs going into Versus that we didn’t really have a clear idea of where it was going to go. Next time I want a clear idea of where we want to go. Before it was just creating to create, now I want to have a goal or an idea in mind of what we’re really trying to say.


What do you guys want to take from Versus into the next record?

Bradley: How awesome we sound! I’m just kidding…

Jordan: Leave our egos behind…

Bradley: I’m just kidding! It’s a joke.

ER: The camaraderie that we had at the very end of recording Versus and to push that further. I’m excited to keep writing together and be a band.

Will: The idea that we are going to change as a band too. That fans aren’t going to get the same record, and fans need to know that’s something we learned in Versus that we’re going to keep doing.

Bradley: We’re going to keep evolving. I think there was a huge evolution in Versus and that’s something I’d like to take that we keep evolving and growing.

Jordan: It’s going to be whatever we want it to be, where were are at that time.


I know you just released Versus but have you thought about where you’d like to go with the next one?

Bradley: Absolutely! I have

Will: Yeah, it’s way too early to name names or to talk much about it but it’s definitely something that’s on our brains all the time.

Do you have any general ideas of where you’d like to head musically?

Bradley: uhm… good?

Jordan: We just want to keep stretching our legs. I think we’re going to try to do some stuff soon that shows different sides of the material we have.

Bradley: There’s no lets write this record, lets do this. We’re going to keep writing songs and the idea we have we’re going to put into the songs. I want this to be more this or that. Like you said we just released it so there’s no definite angle yet but once we actually go in and record how we’re feeling now may not be completely how we feel then.


You guys mention the camaraderie at the end of the record, how do you think you got to that point?

Bradley: I think from some of the horrible experiences we had with Versus. It was so stressful and negative and just because of all of the weight that was on everyone’s shoulders after all the time that had passed. Overcoming all of this; once we heard the record coming together and seeing what were were actually creating through all of the tribulation.

Jodan: It gave us a new starting point.

Bradley: Yeah, and I think this record is definitely a grower for me personally. I’m critical of everything so on the first listen I’m very I don’t know, then I just found something in the record that stood out to me. Even though I’m a part of it the record is my favorite Emarosa record.

Jordan: I’m really excited that there are songs on the record that we haven’t played live that have really contacted well with people that we didn’t expect to that we decided to play those songs live to really explore those feelings that people are connecting to and getting something out of it. When we get up there and get to do that every night it’s something really peaceful to do.


Which songs did you have in mind?

Jordan: “Cliff Notes” was not expected, “Gold Dust” either.

Bradley: Some of the hard ones to play emotionally that we’ll have to play so we’ll see how that goes.

Jordan: We’re excited to try those sides of Emarosa that we haven’t yet.

Bradley: This is a very high energy, for the most part, set. There’s so much of the record that’s a different chill emotional side that we haven’t’ really touched into.


How do you think you guys will handle playing those songs, and how do you think fans will react to them?

Bradley: It depends on different things; sometimes it depends on the tour, sometimes it depends on us. Some of those songs musically they really like playing but for me vocally, well emotionally, they’re hard to sing. We haven’t’ really gotten too much into it so I’m not sure how I’ll handle it.


Do you guys have anything to say to fans?

Group: Thank you!

Bradley: Thank you for sticking around; thank you for letting me personally be in the band.

Jordan: Thanks for waiting for us to put out the next record, it’s pretty crazy.


Check out the live review from their show here!

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