Interview with Jake Round, founder and owner of Pure Noise Records

*Photo credit: Matt Vincent
Creating a label is a very hard business, developing said label into a strong and productive one takes constant work and dedication. Jake Round created Pure Noise Records back in 2009, only 5 years ago, and now has some of the most successful and well known names in the genre including Senses Fail, The Story So Far, and Four Years Strong. Check out what he had to say about his label and what to expect in the future!

PN 2

Please introduce yourself and your role at Pure Noise Records. 
My name is Jake Round, I own and opperate Pure Noise Records.

Currently what do your job responsibilities entail?
Pure Noise is a very small company so I do a little of everything. I do a lot of the nuts and bolts, boring stuff like dealing with the distributor and the actual production of the records.

You started Pure Noise Records on your own back in 2009 and now it has developed into a successful label, congratulations! How did you go about starting the label?

I found a band that I believed in and did my best to release and promote their record. It started out of my bedroom, very slow but over time people started to pay attention to what we were doing. I have the bands to thank for that.

What goals did you have when you started Pure Noise?
The goal is and always will be to release records that people talk about and enjoy for a long time. I think if you do that the financial part takes care of itself.

How have these goals changed over the years?
Our goals haven’t changed but the way we do things certainly have. I think now that we have some more resources we’re able to help our bands meet their goals more quickly. Some of that is financial and some of that is just know how. I didn’t go to school to be in the music business, I kind of just landed her and it’s taken learning along the way to get to where we are.

Now your bands have been warped main stage acts, bands touring all over the world, and even have your own fall tour with 6 pure noise bands. Is this what you’d expected and hoped for when you first started Pure Noise?
It’s absolutely what I’d hoped for. I remember working on the Warped Tour in 2010 and thinking that I wasn’t going to satisfied until we had a young punk rock band on the main stage again. It’s something that I’m really proud of and something that I hope we can build on moving forward.

What makes Pure Noise different from other labels out there?
I’m not really sure, I don’t work for any of the other labels out there. One thing I do like about our label is that the bands really know us and speak with us on a pretty regular basis. We don’t always agree, sometimes we flat out fight but in the end it’s always because we actually care about what’s going on.

What has been your fondest memory with the label?
This is really hard narrow down. I have little moments where I really enjoy my job on a regular basis. I went to watch The Story So Far play in Sacramento last week to a nearly sold out show of 850 people. When the set started I got the chills. Last weekend I drove Handguns van from Albany to Long Island jamming country songs on the way. Stuff like that is what really makes all emails and paper pushing worth it.

What band have you worked with that you feel has been your biggest accomplishment?
Impossible question to answer. It’s like asking what child I like the most. The funny part about it as you start to have the success the things that are the most exciting for me are finding opportunities for the baby bands because they’re so hard to come by and the bands need it the most. It’s great to get a band on the mainstage at warped tour but its just as exciting to get a developing band a great support tour.

Anything in the works for pure noise records, (new bands, tours, announcements)? 
We’re definitely slowing down in terms of signings and focusing on our roster as it’s grown a lot in the last year. We have one or two more bands to announce but we’re definitely planning on narrowing in on what we have.

What’s in store for you and Pure Noise going forward?
We’re going to continue to try and put out records that people enjoy. Hopefully people getting supporting the label and the bands who make the records.

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