Interview with Joe and Bryce of Forever Came Calling

_MG_2465I had the chance to chat with Joe Candelaria and Bryce Esquivel of Forever Came Calling before their set at Bogies in Albany on the first night of the Pure Noise Tour. Big things are coming for them with their full length, What Matters Most slated to be released TOMORROW (October 21) on Pure Noise Records. The single, “Mapping with a Sense of Direction” has been a huge hit so far. Check out what they had to say about what’s coming for Forever Came Calling.


How does it feel to be back on the road touring with Handguns again after the Common Vision Tour last summer?
Bryce: It’s always fun to be out with Handguns because we’ve toured with them quite a bit!

What are you most looking forward to on this tour?
Joe: Releasing the new record, 100%! We’re really excited and really proud of the record. It’s good to be playing some new songs, which reinvigorates the set. For the first time in a while just being back out playing music because its songs we’re all really pumped on!

You’re set to release What Matters Most October 21, while on tour, what should fans expect?
Joe: Pretty much all of the singles are being played and half way through tour we’ll be adding another song from the record.

How did you come up with your setlist for the tour?
Joe: We went with what felt right. We put songs in during practice and went with whatever felt best.

How has reaction been so far to your single, “Mapping with a Sense of Direction”?
Joe: It’s been awesome!

Bryce: It’s been very positive.

Joe: Definitely, it’s gotten crazy amounts of plays. It’s cool to see people excited about it. It’s the first fast single on the record and people seem stoked on it.

Should people take that as a general overview of the album?
Joe: I think yes and no. The fast parts are that, the heavy parts are that, the melody wise that is definitely the least melodic of the record. So I think yes and no if that answers anything.

Something like that but a good mix?
Joe: Yeah! We sort of stuck with sounds of Contender but we also started doing kind of what we wanted to do. Not that we turned our back on what we’ve done before but we’re really into these other bands so why don’t we show this more.

You mention other bands, what bands influenced the new record?
Joe: Manchester Orchestra, Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday; Taking Back Sunday is my all-time favorite band so that was definitely a big one. I also think punk bands like the Flatliners were a huge influence on the record. I also think Against Me! was a big influence on the record. Everyone has settled into what they like as music so this was the amalgamation of all of that.

It seems like you guys can have a little bit heavier sound from most of the tour package, how do you think you’ll fit into it?
Joe: I think we’ll fit in good and I think hopefully we’ll pop. We’re heavier but we’re also just as melodic so I think that offsets it but we do have the very heavy chuggier parts.

Off your new record, what’s your favorite song, released or unreleased, and why?
Joe: I think I have a tie for favorites right now. We put a tracked called “Endangered Innocent” on the record which we put out on a split last fall. It didn’t really get a lot of exposure so I’m excited for that. It’s our first time dabbling in acoustic properly. That and a song called “Rather be Dead than Cool”, it’s just a very fun sort of like Foo Fighers Weezer-ish song. It’s a ton of fun! There’s a guitar solo in the beginning of the song; it would put the darkness to shame!

Bryce: “Transient”, which will be played tonight and probably “Angels in the Closet” which is the last song on the record.

What did you do different with this record in the recording process that you’re most excited about that’ll you’ll take into the future?
Joe: We didn’t settle, which is why the record is a month behind schedule. We really didn’t settle at all, we didn’t think the record was ready so we re-wrote and re-wrote until we were happy. I think that’s a big thing. On Contender it was just let’s see if we can do a record, now on this is let’s see if we can do the best fucking record we can possibly do at this moment.

Bryce: We literally didn’t move on to another song until we were all completely happy with the song.

Joe: It was a very grueling experience; it let to 16 hour days every day and fighting, well not fighting exactly but fighting for a greater purpose. We all feel so strongly about the record and that’s why we think it’s special. Everyone had an input and everyone pitched in what they didn’t like and what they did like and why.

How do you think that’ll effect future releases?
Joe: I think that’s something that made us all better song writers once we start writing on our own. Kyle Black, the producer, really pushed us. I think we can take that on our own so when we bring songs back to him they’ll already be a little further along than they would have been without that.

Anything to say to fans?
Joe: Thank you! *Insert Peace Sign*

Bryce: Serious thank you’s!

Joe: We’re not a “cool” band so it’s really cool that we’re able to do this and it’s only because people like our band, so thank you!

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