Interview with Brigades

_MG_2225Brigades are opening up the Pure Noise Tour with energy and enthusiam. They released Crocodile Tears in May, toured with Hit the Lights and Major League, are currently touring alongside labelmates Handguns, State Champs, Forever Came Calling, Front Porch Step, and Heart to Heart, and go right back into the studio after the tour to record a full length. They hit the ground running and haven’t stopped. Check out what the guys had to say and be sure to catch them on the rest of the Pure Noise Tour!


What are you guys most excited for in being a part of the Pure Noise Tour?Not being home for sure! The exposure, and all of the people we’re going to meet. We’ve been at home most of the summer.

How did you create your setlist for the tour?
We’re playing our record front to back, keeping it simple.

What’s everyone’s favorite song on the record to play live?
Charlie, Tyler, and Frank: “Glass Casket”!!!

Dan: “Crocodile Tears”

How has reaction been to the album you released in May, Crocodile Tears?
Decent, we haven’t really gotten to see much of it except what’s online. We went on the Hit the Lights/Major League Tour but then we went home and were there most of the summer. We’re stoked to really put some miles on it.

Which song do you think will become a fan favorite?
“Small Time Crooks.” It’s always it. It’s the easy pop beat. It’s the single.


Who’s been the biggest influence on your sound and how do you find you differ from them?
That’s a really hard question… a lot of the people in the band share common interests in music but a lot of us branch off into different things. We listen to everything, a lot of different song writing. We take what we all listen to and come together and write. It’s basically just us coming together. We can’t narrow it down to one influence, it’s very diverse.

What did you learn from this release that you’ll carry on to future albums?
It’s hard to say really; I feel like we still want to do what we do as far as what we right but we want to put maybe more of a modern swing on it. Same approach, not really changing our style just adding a little bit of a different element. We just wrote with this one so a bit of fine tuning.

Any plans after the tour?
Yeah! We’re going right into the studio. We’re going to record with Paul Levitt in Baltimore. Brian McTiernan is coming in too. We’ll be doing a full length. We’re really excited!


Are you going for the same style?
Yeah, I mean we’re going with the same approach like we were saying but it’s obviously a little bit different because me (Dan), Charlie and Damien wrote most of the last one and now we have a full writing experience with everyone. It’s been different and I like it a lot. It’s still going to be a Brigades record but it’s definitely a step ahead of what we’ve been doing?

What do you guys want to bring to the new record since you’re going to be a part of it?
Just basically defining what sound we had and what we’re going for. Like everyone said it’s a collective of us and we all have the same idea of what we want. It’s a little riffier, a little catchier, its everything we wanted to do as far, everyone’s very happy with what we’ve done. It’s angsty and awesome!

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