Interview with Christina- Publicist for Most of Pure Noise Records

So much goes into making the albums, tours, music videos, and other productions bands do a success; one huge aspect that can make or break a band is publicity. Bands would be no where without the support of their fans but in order to allow people to become fans of a band and be up to date with what the band, their work must be publicized. This is where the publicist, obviously, comes in. There are many approaches to ensure that the work gets out there, some more successful than others. Pure Noise Records is a label that works with many up and coming bands who will often be made from the publicity they get and the relationships they build with fan bases early. Christina is the publicist for the Pure Noise Tour and for most bands on Pure Noise Records. She does a fantastic job of getting the word out there when something is going on with bands she handles; check out what she had to say about her job and relationship with Pure Noise!10456778_10101037731370072_2936831450305117407_n

Please introduce yourself and how you work with Pure Noise Records?
My name is Christina Reynier and I am the publicist who works with the majority of the Pure Noise Records label.
How did you get involved with Pure Noise?
I met Jake a couple years back as we both toured and we met on Warped Tour. We became great friends. After we got to talking, he knew my background in PR and that I was going to start a new PR company with a friend, so he trusted me and decided to start using Pep Talk Media for his label!
How has it been working with Pure Noise Records?
It’s been great. Definitely always busy with all the different bands on the roster so never a dull moment!
Publicity is huge for any band, whether it be on tour or for a release, how do you make sure they get the attention they need?
Pitch and Pitch and Pitch and Pitch! Haha! Publicity is really hard…and I don’t know if everyone understands that. They think you email a writer, they put your band on a website, BAM your famous. It most definitely does NOT work like that. PR goes along with a lot of other things to make the success of a band and bring them attention. You have to try to form friendships with writers and constantly keep them in the know of what’s going on with your bands. If writers like the band, and like you, they’ll give you coverage.

You do a great deal getting ready for an album release, how do you ensure all goes smooth and help make sure the release is a success?
With Pure Noise Records in particular, they usually have a plan they like to follow for each band. Getting kids hyped up about an album coming out is most important. Letting them hear a song or two, the band doing interviews talking about behind the scenes stuff, album reviews – all that stuff matters. It’s the drum roll before the ta-da.
What goes into making a tour a success from a publicity stand point?
Local coverage I think is important strictly from a PR standpoint. Getting the tour into local newspapers – show previewing is my favorite. Sometimes people will pick up their local paper and see this awesome show preview feature on a tour coming through and have no idea who it is, but now that name will stick.
How has it been handling the Pure Noise tour so far?
It’s been fun/sometimes difficult. It’s nice to see this tour happening. Such a great lineup. But when you solely work every band on the tour, keeping everyone in line with who has what interviews and who wants to cover who is work. You have to be organized!
Which album or tour has been your favorite to work with and why?
AH, that’s hard to pick! I honestly really like everything I work for their own reasons. I’m lucky in that all the bands I work, I enjoy- not all publicists get to say that.
What do you see coming for the bands you’re working with?

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