Interview with Cahil from Pure Noise Records

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Operating a successful label can be a great deal of work and dedication; Pure Noise Records, a DIY label that has only been around a few years, is no different. The label was founded by and is run by Jake Round with the help of Cahil, the Marketing Director. The two do a fantastic job handling a great deal of talented groups across the country. I had the chance to meet Cahil at the first two nights of the Pure Noise Tour and talk to him about his work with Pure Noise Records, check out all of the work that goes on behind the scenes!

Please introduce yourself and your position at Pure Noise Records.

My name is Cahil & I’m the Marketing Director for Pure Noise

What do you on a daily basis for Pure Noise?
On a daily basis I manage the content outgoing from the label, do A&R work, get records ready to be shipped to various online retailers, work closely with the bands on album roll outs and promo ideas, plus plenty more. Everyone at Pure Noise gets familiar with all the daily operations. We all do a bit of everything.

What are some of the most exciting aspects of your job?
One of the more exciting aspects is seeing the bands on the label grow. It’s great when an album comes to us from the studio and you can hear the evolution from previous releases or see the live shows and tours escalate. Some of the first times I saw many of the bands on Pure Noise were in garages and small DIY shows.

How did you get involved with Pure Noise Records?
I had worked with Pure Noise bands previously through booking DIY shows in the area. I was also close friends with some of the label’s early signings before Pure Noise started working with them. When I returned to the Bay Area, Jake (the owner) & I found there was a need for my particular skill set and I plugged right into the operation.

What do you do when you’re on the road with bands?
Labels rarely spend too much time on the road with their bands but when they do it’s important to keep them stocked with records and assist them in anything they need. For the Pure Noise Tour we provided various different things including the stage banner, all the physical formats of records they started the tour with, burritos, and an open bar.

You were out on the Pure Noise tour, how were the opening nights?
Great. New York showed the tour a lot of love. Whether a band was from California, South Carolina, or New York everyone had a positive response from the crowd and played a sick set. The east coast was very busy that weekend and there was a lot going on in that radius so to see Pure Noise supported so well the first weekend despite all the other options was energizing.

How is it being on a tour where all of the bands on the package are your bands?
It ensures us that there is always something for us to do. We worked on releasing a record this year for every band on the package and State Champs & Forever Came Calling are both putting out their releases during the tour. There were songs from each of them that had only been released a few days to a week prior to first day  of tour. It was very cool to see so many people learn all the words to the new songs in such a short time.

Any funny experiences or stories from that tour?
Everything everyone in Handguns does is pretty funny. We rode with them to the Amityville show and our buddy Dalton is also doing merch for us on the tour with them so the whole ride there someone was laughing at something.

Who are some of your favorite bands to work with and why?
To be honest I enjoy working with all the bands on Pure Noise. We pride ourselves on having bands that we not only like to listen to on the label but also get along great with. I grew up with The American Scene so those guys will always be some of my favorites because our dynamic started when we were all 14 years old. It was fun working with all the bands who had releases over the start of summer summer because we worked long hours getting those ready. Four Year Strong, My Iron Lung, Handguns, To The Wind, Heart to Heart, Vanna & The Story So Far all put out releases over a 2 month period and that was a favorite time of mine because we were also getting set up for Warped Tour. It was busy to say the least.

What are you most looking forward to with Pure Noise Records?
I’m most looking forward to the future. We have some releases on the calendar for 2015 that I’m excited to share with everyone over the upcoming months. We don’t know how to slow down.

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