Interview with Nick from Heart to Heart


I had the chance to speak to Nick frontman for Heart to Heart who are currently out with five of their labelmates on the fall Pure Noise Tour at Bogies in Albany, NY for the first night of tour. Heart to Heart released Dulce over the summer and play quite a few songs from that release on this tour! They are a fantastic live band with a ton going for them! Check out what Nick had to say and be sure to catch them alongside Handguns, State Champs, Front Porch Steph, Forever Came Calling, and Brigades over the next month!


What other band are you most excited to be playing alongside on the Pure Noise Tour?
Wow that’s a tough questions. We’ve known a lot of these guys for a little while so that’s very hard because they’re all great friends of ours and I’ve seen them all over the years so I’m probably going to have to go with Brigades. They’re a band I’ve yet to see live. I’ve been talking to them for years via the World Wide Web like before Pure Noise, before Brigades, before Heart to Heart so it’s cool to actually finally meet them. I’m stoked to see them!

How did you guys decide on your setlist for this tour?
We have a hard time deciding on a setlist. It literally took us two hours of, uh I guess you could say debating. Everyone has their personal favorites and everyone wants to play certain songs. We’re all stubborn guys. Finally we decided to do the good old majority rules and we came up with the setlist.

So are you happy with the setlist?
I am very happy with the setlist!

So basically you won, you’re more stubborn.
I’m pretty damn stubborn, I can’t lie. There’s a lot of songs I wish we were playing that we’re not just due to time constraints. But I’m very happy, we’re playing a bunch of stuff off of Dulce and we’re very happy with Dulce so it’s cool to give that a push.

You mention Dulce, how has reaction been to that record?
What I’ve gotten, I knew it would be a little freaky—that’s the best way I can put it, some people really love it or it gets a grower I feel like. You have to listen to it a few times through to really get the vibe of it, if you will. But it seems to be doing really good. Just finished up Warped Tour and we pushed Dulce a lot on Warped so it’s still fresh. I guess we’ll find out with the Pure Noise Tour.

dulce promo

Speaking of Warped Tour, what was your most positive memory from the summer?
At Warped Tour every day you don’t find out what time you play until 10am and doors open at 11 and the first band starts at 11:15. We were in Dallas, TX I believe if I’m not mistaken, and we ended up playing at 11:15. We weren’t sure what to expect so we started hustling the line. We played in front of maybe 1,500-2,000 kids. We were the only band making noise so everyone pretty much flocked to the stage, which is awesome! I rode a mechanical bull during our set; that was a first, and yes while singing in Houston.

How’d those vocals come out?
It was pretty insane. It was a lot harder than I thought. I’d never rode a mechanical bull. Needless to say I didn’t last 8 seconds, I flopped off real quick. I guess I’m not the cowboy type.

I’m sure that’s got a learning curve.
Yeah, we’ll I’ll get it better next time.

I’m sure no one can say they saw anyone else do that on Warped or that day.
That’s the thing about Warped Tour, you never know what to expect.

This year on Warped especially with bands like Lincoln Park and A Day to Remember just randomly making appearances.
Absolutely! The Lincoln Park date was our hometown show and it was fucking incredible.

You said there was a bunch of debate about the setlist, which song on it is your personal favorite and why?
On the setlist? I’m going to have to go with “Daydream” it’s very dark. Probably the darkest song I’ve ever written. I clock out mentally. The person you’re talking to now it’s the person you’re going to see later on stage. We’re two totally different people, I don’t think we really even get along to be honest. He’s crazy. He got me the scar on my forehead.


How’d he get you that scar?
He, I mean I headbutted a bass in Texas, on purposed. I busted my head open. It didn’t look that bad I was just dripping blood but I played the whole set. I just ended up with the scar on my forehead.

Texas, again?! Warped Tour too?
No, on our Rotting Out Tour we did in March.

You asked about favorite song if it was on the setlist, do you like another song not on the setlist more?
Uhm, I have to go with “Dulce” the title track off of the record. “Dulce” and “Daydream” are my two favorite songs we’ve written.

What did you learn on this record and what will you carry on into the future?
I learned that it’s okay to experiment. Believe it or not I’m a huge fan of R&B so there’s a bit of that influence. I learned that you shouldn’t be afraid to try anything, if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. Next record we’re going in with even more of an open mind. Going to try a lot more new stuff.

If you could’ve written any song from any of the bands on this tour and it would be yours, what song would it be and why?
I’d probably have to go with that new Forever Came Calling song, “Indebted” it’s fucking incredible. It’s so catchy and I’m so proud to see my friends grow and write better and better music even when you don’t think that’s possible. They just keep surprising you and that song is just fucking incredible and I’m stoked to see them. I think they’re going to shock the world with this tour. This is a stacked line up and everyone’s friends, it’s going to be fun!

If everyone’s already friends any tour pranks in the works?
Not yet. I’ve toured with Handguns and Forever Came Calling before and it’s going to get wild. You have too many friends in one spot and there’s an after party after the show tonight that’s going to be wild.

What did you guys expect from this tour?
It’s crazy that most of these shows are selling out or close to selling out. I knew it would be but, I just wasn’t sure how big. We’ve been working really hard. We’ve been going through ups and downs with the band lately but coming off of the Story So Far tour, the new record and Warped Tour we’re expecting just to keep the momentum going. We’re sort of the odd man out sound wise on this tour because we’re a little bit heavier than the other bands on the tour. I’m just looking to really push and see what happens. We hope it takes us to the next level whatever that level may be.

Anything you want to say to fans at the end?
Keep posted with us, you will be seeing a lot more of us! Follow us on Instagram and twitter @heartoheartca and



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