Pure Noise Tour Review



What better way to kick off a tour with 5 of your label mates than to start in your hometown with a wild sold out show; this was how the Pure Noise Tour kicked off for State Champs and Brandon Pagano from Handguns band. The two co-headlining bands take the stage each night with Front Porch Step, Forever Came Calling, Heart to Heart, and Brigades. Pure Noise Records is a DIY record label that has come to be one of the most noteworthy pop punk labels over the past few years and even had bands on main stage at this year’s warped tour. This tour showcases up and coming bands with great momentum from the Pure Noise label that should be on everyone’s radar. If this tour hasn’t come through your city yet but sure to catch it and get there early enough to catch each and every band!

Brigades kicks off the tour each night with a very enjoyable set. This is a huge tour for them and they really stepped up to the level of the bands they are playing along side. They play their record Crocodile Tears from front to back for their set; the record is definitely more enjoyable live because of the way they bring the music to the next level on stage. They are excited and into every moment of the set which brings more energy and excitement to the crowd! They are certainly a band to keep an eye on and see where they go from here!

Heart to Heart was the new band of the tour that most took fans by surprise with an energetic and fast paced set. They featured quiet a few songs off of Dulce which they released earlier this year on Pure Noise Records. They are absolutely a band that people need to see live in order to fully appreciate their music. Recorded their music is good, but live its even better. They take their music up a notch with a phenomenal live performance that will captivate fans from start to finish, regardless of how familiar they are or are not with the music. The passion and energy they bring to the state also goes into deciding their setlist; according to frontman Nick Zoppo setlist discussions can get pretty heated as everyone in the band is very involved in what songs they play and of course has their personal favorites. This shows how much work they put into each and every set, which is truly an awesome thing to see and it pays off on stage!

Front Porch Step was the set on the tour that was most different from the rest as far as sound goes because Jake Mcelfresh is Front Porch Step. Despite playing the entire set acoustic Front Porch Step did fit right in with the energy and crowd engagement that the rest of the bands on the tour encouraged. Fans were just as animated, if not more, at times. They could not have been more eager to scream along to their favorite songs. He preformed fan favorites such as “Drown”, “Poison”, and “Lullaby”. “Drown” elicited a particularly crazy reaction from the crowd as fans screamed along passionately, seemingly without missing a word. Front Porch Step puts on one of the best acoustic sets of any band out there.

Forever Came Calling always brings their all to the stage and leaves everything there as well. They are a particularly active group with frontman Joe Candelaria constantly engaging the crowd and moving about around the stage. The group is slated to release their album What Matters Most on Pure Noise Records October 21 and treated fans to some brand new songs on the tour despite the album not being out. Among these was the single “ Mapping with a Sense of Direction” which was certainly well received and known by the crowd. From reaction and excitement during the song the album is sure to be a hit!

Handguns played a fantastic set, as they always do, with a good mix of new and old favorites. Handguns released Life Lessons earlier this year, which has been met with great reactions and enthusiasm well beyond expectations. Two songs from Life Lessons that were played were “Queens” and “Sleep Deprived” which happen to have been guitarist Brandon Pagano and frontman Taylor Eby’s favorite songs on the setlist respectively. This was an incredibly special show for Pagano as he grew up in the Albany area and even more special because grew up opening shows at Bogies and was able to headline a show there with friends. Handguns also played older fan favorites such as “A Year in Review” and “Porch Light” which they closed out their set with. “Porch Light” is always a fantastic live song because it really get the crowd screaming along and enjoying themselves for the last few minutes of what is always a fun live set.

State Champs headlined the first night of tour in their hometown of Albany to a sold out crowd at Bogies. It was clear from the moment they took the stage that the crowd was going to go all out to end the first night right! This was the first headlining show State Champs has played in their hometown at a venue the band has grown up playing at and seeing shows at so it was a very special moment for the band and fans, especially those who have been supporting them for years. It was clear in the energy of the crowd and the band that they were going to make the most of the entire set. State Champs played fan favorite such as “Elevated”, “Hard to Please”, and “Simple Existence” off of their 2013 release The Finer Things. These fan favorites are also on The Acoustic Things that State Champs just released October 7th on Pure Noise Records, be sure to check it out!

Big things are coming for all of the bands on the Pure Noise Tour as well as for Pure Noise Records in general. Be sure to check out the remaining dates and catch the tour if it has not hit your city yet! Keep an eye out for more tour announcements as well for winter tours as each band is one to see in the future!

Check back tomorrow for the interview with Heart to Heart!

Reviews of Life Lessons, Crocodile Tears, and Dulce

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