Review of Dearly Departed by The Family Ruin


With so many skilled rock bands having a very similar sound these days a refreshing change in the common sound sets a band apart from the rest. KBB Record’s newest band, The Family Ruin, does just this with their debut album Dearly Departed which comes out in the states September 23. Hailing from York, UK The Family Ruin has hit the ground running with an aggressive sound on their debut album, which drops while they were supposed to be on their first US tour but have not been due to visa issues. The group has been playing shows over the past few months in the UK prepping their new work and setlist for their tour with Crown the Empire, which hopefully they will be able to hop on the last few dates of. With the help of label owner Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria) and Sam and Joe Graves (With One Last Breath) Dearly Departed has a sound that will take fans back to the older days of Escape the Fate and Avenged Sevenfold. The group demonstrates their ability to shred on a heavy fast song one minute and switch over into a slower, softer sound gracefully without losing any of the power in their vocals or instrumentals. The album is sure to have fans screaming along and off their feet at live performances and singing along as it plays in their headphones.


The album kicks off with the song “Bring Out Your Dead” which has the perfect chant to have fans engaged from the first line. Heavy guitars rifts and instrumentals by Craig Robinson and James Langley stand out as well with beats that will catch the attention and resonate with listeners. Lyrics like “they said that we couldn’t, so we proved that we could” are sure to stand out with fans and make the song a hit from the start. Things don’t slow down in the second song, “Leach” which has a very aggressive pace and beat. The chorus, “Honey this could be your wake up call, you’re not so special after all” has a particularly catchy rock sound that quickly shifts for the screaming of “You’re a leech”. “Let’s Go” also has very catchy lyrics and nicely demonstrates the vocal abilities and range of frontman Johnny Mennell. It also showcases the bands ability to skillfully change from a heavy sound to a slower calm sound momentarily then back to their fast pace with grace and ease.

The first drastic change in sound comes during “Us Against The World” with a much slower rock sound that is done in such a way that the change in pace does not alter the aggressive tone that sets The Family Ruin apart from many rock bands today. “Haunting” also takes a slower pace, much more so than “Us Against the World”. It showcases wonderfully the ability of the group to transition between sounds and styles effortlessly and in such a way that they keep the attention of listeners. The song also shows the relaxed calm tone frontman Johnny Mennell can exert when he wants.

“Wake Up” provides a quick shift in sound and kicks the intensity and energy to a new level, which is sure to draw fans into it even more. The song has quick pace and catchy chorus that will certainly appeal to fans. Unclean vocals come in towards the end of the song and create a more intense and angry feel. The unclean vocals add a heavy element before a brief moment of slow steady music and vocals. The intensity continues straight into the next song, “Filth”. The song starts out with heavy guitar rifts and strong deep vocals that draws listeners in. Mennell takes on a more raw raspy tone with the vocals for the start of this song and switches throughout the song between the rapid less refined tone and his regular singing voice with grace and ease. There isn’t a dull moment in the song and with strong guitar rifts, catchy beats, and equally catchy lyrics this is sure to be a fan favorite.

The Family Ruin is a band that people will certainly hear a great deal about in the coming months with the release of their debut album, Dearly Departed, and upcoming tours both in the UK and in the US. They are a talented group backed by a new label that has the experience of a seasoned one because of owner Ben Bruce’s experience with Asking Alexandria. They are sure to make a splash with this album and hit the ground running!

Highlight Tracks: “Lets Go”, “Haunting”, “Wake Up”, and “Let it Burn”

Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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