Common Vision Tour Review


The Common Vision Tour features one of the most stacked tour packages to hit venues in quite some time. The tour features Counterparts, Hundreth, Handguns, Being As An Ocean, Forever Came Calling, My Iron Lung, and Capsize. With so many talented groups taking the stage in one night the tour was sure to draw a good sized crowd but the turn out to Revolution in Amityville, NY was beyond what I’d ever have expected. Revolution more crowded than I’ve ever seen with more kids crammed up as close to the stage as possible than relaxing by the back where they normally seem to congregate. From the time Capsize took the stage up until when Counterparts closed out the night there wasn’t a dull moment in the venue.

Capsize took the stage first with a great crowd, especially for an opener. There was a decent sized circle pit throughout their set and quite a few kids joined them on stage with what would end up being the start of unending crowd surfers and stage diving for the rest of the night.

My Iron Lung was next another fun set filled with crowd surfing and stage diving. The high-energy crowd seemed to enjoy every song as they jumped around, singing lyrics and moshing to the music.

Forever Came Calling was next and notably had more crowd involvement than the first two sets from fans that were clearly there for them as there was a noticeable difference in the amount of voices singing along to each song. The group took turns at the edge of the stage singing along with fans, which seemed to be a huge hit.

The first group to really stand out took the stage next. Being As An Ocean were absolutely responsible for drawing a large portion of the crowd to the show as the room filled up significantly more and the area around the stage no longer had room for fans to move about the pit freely or easily. Frontman, Joel Quartuccio spent more time it seemed in the crowd than on the stage, even flipping off of the stage at one point much to the surprise of fans. The stage diving and crowd surfing nearly doubled from the start during their set and many fans that had not previously been engaged were because of the energy and intensity of the entire band.

The next group did not necessarily seem to fit with the tour package as they posses a more pop punk sound whereas the majority of the bands on the tour are heavier. Despite the differences in sound the group was excited to be a part of such a loaded tour. Handguns certainly have the energy and enthusiasm in their sets to keep up with the bands they’re touring alongside despite the difference in their sound from that of the tour package. They played many new favorites off of their most recent release, Life Lessons (2014) on Pure Noise Records including their single, “Heart VS. Head” and “Queens”. They also played older favorites including “Porch Light” which they closed with. They too had a good fan base in attendance from the sing along that ensued with “Heart VS Head” and “Porch Light”. Frontman Taylor Eby was all over the stage and spent a good amount of with fans at the edge of the stage. Guitarists Brandon Pagano and Kyle Vaught clearly love what they’re doing from the giant smiles on their faces and constant movement around the stage. Bassist CJ Wilson spent as much time jumping around as he did with supporting vocals. Ryan Pyle was unfortunately well hidden by the rest of the band but he too was having a great time from the energy and enthusiasm he displayed behind his kit. Be sure to keep an eye out for their fall tour; it’s certain to be a good one!

Hundredth took to the stage next with a very fan oriented set. They joked around that they would not want to have to follow Counterpart’s set but from the performance they put on they would have had no problems if the order had been reversed. The most notable aspect of their set was just how involved frontman Chadwick Johnson got the audience. He was at the edge of the stage for most of the set allowing fans to take the mic to sing while he sung along in the background. They had one of the rowdiest sets of the night with fans cramming up to the stage to get as close as they possibly could without getting on the stage, which many of fans did as well.

Counterparts was equally suited to close out the show as they did a fantastic job capitalizing and drawing out the last bit of energy the crowd had left. Prior to their set they invited a friend on stage to do a short spoken word piece which really amped up the crowd and got them ready for the last band of the night. The group put on an animated set utilizing all of the room they had on the small stage. From the looks on their faces throughout the set it was clear they were into it and having as much fun as the crowd was. Counterparts will be out on the road with Stray from the Path this fall, be sure to catch them when they’re in your area!


The Common Vision was a fantastic tour that treated fans to a variety of music with different sounds and different levels of exposure; there was something for just about everyone on this tour. It was the perfect chance for people to see bands they loved and learn about new bands they would probably enjoy as well in the best possible setting. There’s nothing quiet like discovering new bands live because you can discover all new songs and albums knowing already that they are a band who’s shows you’ll continue wanting to go to in the future.

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