Review of Crocodile Tears by Brigades

Review of Crocodile Tears by Brigades (3 out of 5 stars)

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Review by Taylor Hancock

Working with Pure Noise Records, the band Brigades recently released an album titled Crocodile Tears on May 6th. The six track EP features an eloquent blend of punk rock instrumentals, clean and unclean vocals as well as lyrics that are deep and heartfelt which are always appealing to fans because they can relate to the music on a deeper emotional level rather than just singing along to some nonchalant party song.

The album kicks off with the track “Whipstaff Manor” which begins with the sound of an opening door. The way the album opens like this is a unique and cool introduction and it’s almost like a casual welcoming, “come on in and see what we have to play for you”. One of the things that Brigades does well in this album is the blending of clean and unclean vocals. There are many artists who struggle to create an even sound in mixing the different vocal types and Brigades does a good job of that. In addition their unclean vocals are on point, crisp and understandable, which is another thing that artists often can’t master and Brigades are making a good stab at it. The EP has lyrics that cover a lot of relationship struggles in a way that is easy to relate to.

Overall the album flows well and the tracks seem to fit together in their sound but at the same time aren’t too repetitive. There aren’t any bad tracks on the EP however there are a few that stick out more than the others. As already mentioned the opening track is titled “Whipstaff Manor”. This song definitely highlights the album in its guitar solos and it’s chorus because of the energy that is put behind it when it is sung. It is definitely a track that will get fans up on their feet and jumping along to the music. The track “Small Time Crooks” is another highlight of the album. It features hard hitting instrumentals as well as another solid chorus that is designed to get crowds moving and singing along.

Their music is clearly focused on putting on a good live performance and you can see that well in this EP. Brigades is a band that will appeal to punk rock fans of artists such as A Day To Remember, Chiodos, and Escape the Fate. They’re talented but definitely have room to grow into their own unique sound.

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