His Dream of Lions EP “Part One” Review

his dream of lions


Based in Fairfax Virginia, the band His Dream of Lions formed in the spring 2012. After a year and a half of gaining local attention the band released their EP titled “Part One” this past March.

The EP has a balanced blend of both instrumental and vocal elements, which is often a struggle for new artists. One of the greatest pieces to His Dream of Lions’ is the vocalists unique sound. The tracks on the EP cover topics from abandonment to fear to depression to love in order to create a collage of human struggles that provides a cohesive theme however still allows for each song to be unique. This theme will be highly relatable to fans of any type because they cover so many different struggles that we all can relate to.

The opening track on the record, “Novel”, has gained a lot of attention already, ranking #13 on the NMW Hot 100 singles chart. The album slows it down in the middle with the track, “Saratoga” and focuses on the darker part of the theme of human struggles with ideas such as death and abandonment. The instrumentals on the album feature catchy percussion rhythms as well as rock solid guitar solos that are sure to get a crowd moving. In addition the lyrics of the album are well put together into choruses that are fun and easy to sing along to which is also a crowd pleaser. Overall the album has a unique flare and relatable sense that is bound to appeal to fans of artists such as My Chemical Romance and Jimmy Eat World. It’s very well put together and very well blended. The band plans to release Part Two of the album in the late summer.


Review by Taylor Hancock

Photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/HisDreamOfLions

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