Live Review of Conditions’ Farewell NYC show


I had the opportunity to stop by the Marlin Room at Webster Hall for one of Conditions’ final shows. Philly, NYC, and hometown Richmond, VA were the last three show Conditions will play before their breakup is official. They were supported by Alive in Standby and A Loss for Words. When local openers, Midnight Foolishness, took the stage the crowd looked small for the Marlin Room but by the time Conditions took the stage it was nearly impossible to move in the crowd. Every band, from Midnight Foolishness to Conditions made the night a highly memorable one. The three supporting bands certainly gave Conditions a fantastic sendoff from the music community, it was a joy to celebrate their musical careers and wish them luck on their future endeavors with others who have enjoyed their work over the years.




Alive in Standby took the stage hailing from Detroit, Michigan to celebrate Conditions final tour with a fantastic live performance. The group is currently working on their (re)invented series because they have solidified their lineup and are working to recreate their band with their new album. After seeing their set in NYC it is safe to say they have certainly gotten showmanship and stage presence down. Even performing with only three members because guitarist Ben Wilkins could not make the show, their sound was fantastic and the set was certainly enough to catch the attention of many new fans.




A Loss for Words took the stage next and also put on a phenomenal live performance. They are a group that has been performing for nearly 15 years. They have well mastered stage presence, live sound, and the ability to command both the crowd and the stage. Frontman Matty Arsenault was all over the stage and at the edge with the crowd for most of the set. Bassist Mike Adams was off his feet and in the air for the majority of the set. It was clear from the energy of everyone in the group that they have a great time on the stage. The crowd responded accordingly and screamed along throughout the set moshing away the show whole time.






Conditions took the stage with energy I’d never seen from them. They have been one of my favorite groups to see live since a saw them on Every Avenue’s Last Call Tour over a year ago. I’ve seen them three times since then so I was expecting a great set going into the show but they managed to exceed my expectations considerably. If a show had to be their last in NYC that was certainly the one to end on. Everyone in the group seemed to love each minute of their set, jamming out with fans and good friends alike. Shots were taken and the microphone was shared all throughout the set. Frontman Brandon Roundtree spoke to the crowd when the reality of the situation seemed to set it and grins were fading as people realized it was the last time they would see Conditions perform. He reminded the crowd and his band mates of the great times they’ve had and said we were all there Friday night to celebrate the music and have a good time, there was no need to be sad or upset. The show continued on with a weight lifted from the crowd and the pit began to pick up even more. Everyone was off their feet screaming their hearts out to every song. Crowd surfers and stage diving was constant. It was clear both the crowd and the group had a fantastic night, there could not have been a better send off for the group. Conditions certainly made their final NYC show one to remember. They will certainly be missed.




The entire show was a fantastic one, each group put on great sets. Midnight Foolishness put on a fun set, be sure to see when they’re playing again and support local bands. Alive in Standby and A Loss for Words are two very talented groups be sure to catch them then next time they are in town, you won’t regret it. It’s with a very heavy heart that I cannot say catch Conditions when they come around again, but be sure to pick up their final release, Missing Hours, and grab some merch before it’s too late. They play their final show July 12 at the National in Richmond, VA. If you’re in the area be sure to give them the hometown send off they deserve after 8 years of creating great music and playing even better live shows!


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