Review of The Devil’s Dance Tour

I had the amazing opportunity to catch the Devil’s Dance Tour on it’s final night at Irving Plaza Wednesday night headlined by Chiodos. They were supported by Emarosa, Hands Like Houses, Our Last Night, and ’68. I’d been fortunate enough to have been at the Philly date at the beginning of the tour so I knew it was going to be a fantastic show. The New York City date exceeded my expectations and blew what I remembered of the Philly date away. This was due to the addition of Hands Like Houses midway through the tour as well as the exponential growth of Bradley Walden, frontman for Emarosa. All five groups engaged the crowd and made the night one to remember.

’68 took the stage first on their first tour as a group. The group is made up of Josh Scogin, formerly of The Chariot, and Michael McClellan. I was not able to catch their set in Philly so I was not sure what to expect at all. The group really drove home the rock n roll feel and seemed to have a blast on stage doing so.

Our Last Night took the stage next with fantastic energy and enthusiasm. This was the third time I’d see the group and they seem to get better and better each time. Not only does their music have a more powerful sound live but their stage presence is fantastic as everyone in the band seems to have a great time on stage. Frontman Trevor Wentworth really got the crowd into the set with his animated performance and frequent trips into or onto the crowd. Bassist Woody Woodrow also took a trip out onto the crowd with his bass which really seemed to get the crowd off their feet and screaming. On top of being fantastic performers they are a genuine group of guys that is alway out meeting fans after. Be sure to catch Our Last Night on their co-headliner this summer!

Hands Like Houses took the stage next. They are another group who display on their faces and in the actions how much they enjoy what they do. The energy of the group had fans screaming along and off their feet the entire set. They really knew how to get the crowd involved and having a great time. The emotion and joy of frontman Trenton Woodley was blatantly visible on his face at the end of their set, and rightfully so as they put on a fantastic live performance. They are an incredibly hard working group of guys that have worked diligently to get where they are and yet they are still incredibly down to earth and humble. After the show they spent a good amount of time out with fans taking pictures and talking. Be sure to catch them on their first ever US headliner currently going on!

Emarosa was the band that caught my attention and really blew me away. Frontman Bradley Walden was absolutely phenomenal. It was astounding to see how quickly he acclimated to his new role in Emarosa. He is by far one of the most energetic frontman I’ve seen, matched only by Telle Smith of The Word Alive. Walden seemed to spend more time on the floor with the crowd than on the stage. He was fantastic at the Philly show but his development and growth in such a short time span into the performer he’s become, is astonishing. He seemed to shock everyone with just how much he engaged the crowd and commanded a stage. The entire group was animated and into every song which makes the set much more enjoyable for fans. Be sure to keep an eye out and see what they have coming up!



Chiodos closed the night and tour with an unforgettable set. Every show they play they do so with so much heart and passion in each note and beat. Not only are they am incredibly talented group of musicians but they are also an absolutely humble group of people. Their love for music and for their fans is evident in both their live performances and in their meet and greets. Before the show Chiodos put on a fantastic three song acoustic set and meet and greet for fans. They could not have picked three better songs for the acoustic set as “3am”, “A Letter from Janelle” and “Under Your Halo” show case frontman Craig Owen’s outstanding vocals and range beautifully. It was an amazing experience for fans to be able to see these three songs raw and acoustic. Fans seemed to love the set and the meet in greet because everyone in Chiodos put the time and effort into speaking to each and every person in their meet and greet. Chiodos has a way of engaging fans in a way no other band I’ve seen has done. Their energy and love for every minute on stage resonates with fans to create an unparalleled live performance. Trenton, frontman for Hands Like Houses, took the stage to sing “A Letter From Janelle” with Craig Owens which was an incredibly special song because Trenton grew up listening to Chiodos so the emotion in his performance was visible on his face. They closed the tour with a set fans won’t forget. If you’ve never seen Chiodos make sure to catch a show on their next tour, you won’t regret it!

The Devil’s Dance Tour was one of most energetic tours packed with extremely talented bands. Each and every band brought something extremely special to the show and made the entire night one fans will not forget. They could not have put on a better final night of tour!

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