Reactions EP Review


The band Reactions, originating from Phoenix Arizona, formed in 2011. Their musical style consists of metal, pop, punk and rock. Their unique blend of styles is certain to appeal to punk rock fans and fans of huge bands such as Mayday Parade, All Time Low, and A Day To Remember. The band released their fourth (self-titled) EP on May 1st, produced and mastered by Taylor Larson (Count Your Blessings, Of Legends, and Sky Eats Airplane). The album consists of upbeat music that has a steady beat and is sure to get fans up on their feet and hooked into the show, but the highlight of the Reactions EP is the lyrics.

The album has a reoccurring theme of damaged or troubled relationships which really makes the album cohesive. However each song goes through a different stage of struggles in relationships that gives it its own unique flare, allowing the album to not be repetitive. “Someway, Some How” focuses on the idea of the struggle of losing someone. The chorus, “I’m running on empty and I’m a thousand miles away and I can’t sleep knowing you are doing fine without me. I feel so alone now”, demonstrates how hard it is to lose someone that you still love and is sure to connect to fans in a heartfelt and emotional way. “Hold Your Tongue”, focuses on the idea of needing to be set free from a bad relationship and is highlighted in the chorus, “So set me free or let me be this feeling’s almost over all I’m asking for is closure.” “Breaking Down The Walls”, focuses on the idea of not being good enough for someone and trying to break through the walls of defense they have put up around themselves. Lastly, the fourth track on the EP; “Below the Surface” focuses on the idea of being lost and trying to find yourself which is once again a relatable topic that fans are bound to feel passionate about.

Reactions utilizes a mix of clean and unclean vocals throughout their EP with their unclean vocals being crisp and easy to understand which fans will appreciate. With their upbeat instrumentals and their inspiring and relatable lyrics, fans are sure to love the new EP Reactions.

Review by Taylor Hancock

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