Warped Tour Must See Bands update 04/16/14

The next band to be added to the list of must see bands this summer at Warped Tour is…

7- Survive This!


Survive This! is the next band to be added to the must see warped tour bands list because they are a small band that is sure to get the recognition they deserve after warped tour this summer! They released their first album last year, which has eleven quality songs. It will be quite interesting to see where they go after this, but for the time being they are a band you need to check out, you’ll be quite glad you did. Lead vocalist Shawn Zyvoloski has a nice range in his clean and unclean vocals that are showcased well throughout the album and at shows. It is clear these guys are working extremely hard and are very creative and upbeat with their work! Fans are sure to be singing along throughout their set whether or not they’ve seen or heard the band before because they have very catchy choruses that will be stuck in your head all day!

6- State Champs!


State Champs is the next band on the list of must see bands for warped tour this summer for a quite a few reasons, but first and foremost is their stage presence and ability to engage the crowd at any show. I have had the opportunity to cover two of their shows this year and both times they had the crowd off their feet from the second they took the stage. Both times I’ve seen them they have had some of the rowdiest crowds I’ve ever seen with countless crowd surfers, stage divers, and fans in circle pits. If you haven’t heard of them before, go check them out, seriously you won’t regret it; they are your classic pop- punk band that you can’t not love. State Champs is another band that makes solid music but it is just so much better live regardless of whether you choose to join the pit or enjoy a safely in the back. Make sure to catch their set this summer because you’ll be seeing a lot from State Champs in the future!

5- Nick Santino *Acoustic Basement

nick santino

*Photo from Nick Santino & the Northern Wind’s Facebook

Nick Santino, former frontman of A Rocket to the Moon, is the next act to be added to the list of must see bands. He will be playing all of Warped Tour this summer as a part of the acoustic basement. Santino has started his solo career since the break up of A Rocket to the Moon last summer and has already released an EP and an album, and announced the completion of a second record! Santino toured with This Century on their headliner last fall and played an amazing set! He’s taken on a bit of a country feel, which isn’t much of a surprise for ARTTM fans as their last album had a similar feel, but he certainly knows how to put on a show and have fun on stage still! Be sure to give his new music a listen and catch his set on the acoustic basement!


4- Issues



*Photo from Issues’ Facebook*

Issues is the next band to be added to the list of must see bands for this years Warped Tour for a few reasons, they put on a fantastic live show and their self titled album which came out in mid- February has been very well received! I saw them last November on tour with Memphis May Fire and had no clue what to expect. I didn’t know any of their music and normally I don’t enjoy a set too much when I go into a show without knowing a band, but with Issues it was different. I absolutely loved their set, as did the friends I was with who were also unfamiliar with their music. It felt more like a rave at some points but it was a great set to see. Everyone was off their feet having an amazing time singing along or just jumping around if they didn’t know the words. Since the show I have checked out more of their music and was quite excited for the release of their self-titled album. I absolutely adore the release. Songs such as “Stingray Affliction”, “Never Lose your Flames”, and “The Settlement” are sure to impress both new and seasoned fans! A combination of old favorites with a few new ones is sure to result in a fantastic set!


3- Of Mice & Men


*photo from the warped tour Instagram*

I had to add Of Mice & Men to the list of bands to see immediately after their announcement tonight for quite a few reasons. First, I’ll admit I’m still a bit sad their show with Bring Me the Horizon in Albany, NY was cancelled for a snowstorm where there was no snow, although less so now that I’ll see them this summer. The main reason however that they needed to be added to this list tonight is because they are an incredibly talented group that has a diverse set of albums. Restoring Force is by far my favorite album but there are many fans who do not love it quite as much. On their last tour they seemed to have a good mix of new and old songs in the setlist so hopefully warped will be no different. From the song or two I was able to catch from their set at Skate and Surf festival last year they are a fantastic live band that is sure to impress and engage fans!


2-A Skylit Drive


A Skylit Band is the next band I’m adding to the list because I can say from personal experience they too put on an amazing set. Jag is all over the stage and out into the crowd as well. It is evident when they take the stage they’re passionate about what they’re doing. Rise is a fantastic album that is somehow even better played live then from a CD or iPhone. Their energy and love for music along with their talent make A Skylit Drive a must see this year!


1- The Word Alive


I’m going to start this list with the band that inspired my spotlight category. Their stage presence alone is reason enough not to miss their set but their music and lyrics are fantastic as well! Absolutely a must see at warped this summer!

Check back next Wednesday for the next band!

2 thoughts on “Warped Tour Must See Bands update 04/16/14

  1. I mean this in the nicest of ways, but this is a terrible list. I’m pretty sure half the Warped audience already plans on seeing Of Mice And Men, and Issues is probably in the top 15 most popular bands doing Warped, and A Skylit Drive probably in the top 25. I would have added Ghost Town, Bad Rabbits, Close Your Eyes, Marmozets, Stray From The Path, and SECRETS. However, I agree with Nick Santino wholeheartedly, but he’s not my favorite act on the acoustic basement. I like Divided Heaven much better.

    • I understand that many of the bands are already popular and on people’s lists to see, but as a new site I find it important to utulize some of the larger bands to encourage viewership of the various bands listed. If only smaller bands were listed that would be a smaller audience who view the page and see all of the bands listed. As far as Of Mice and Men goes of course most of warped will be watching their set but Restoring Force is different from past works and thse who have not previously liked their work shoud give them a second chance. There is still time before warped tour and more bands will be added, the past few weeks I have not been able to post as I have had other assignments on top of class work that needed to come first. I did start adding less popular bands recently as I wanted to establish the list and build upon it with smaller bands after. Stray from the Path certainly will be added as will other upcoming bands. I do like some of the bands you’ve listed and some I’m not familiar with but there will be plenty more to come so don’t worry, it will be more diverse!

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