Break Down the Walls Tour Review

I had the amazing opportunity to catch the Break Down the Walls Tour at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park last week featuring Asking Alexandria, August Burns Red, We Came as Romans, Crown the Empire and Born of Osiris. Before the night even started it was clear this show was going to be an amazing one based off the lineup and the sold out crowd. Any of these bands could easily have headlined their own show and done a fantastic job but together the show was beyond words.

Born of Osiris kicked off the night with an unbelievable set, one I haven’t seen from an opening band quite some time. It is evident these guys have some fan base and are going to go big places. They’re going to do an amazing job on Warped Tour this summer and it will be really interesting to see where they go from there; my guess is a headlining tour is in the not too distant future for them!











Crown the Empire took the stage next and put on a great set as well, no surprise there. I was quite excited to get to see them live because I interviewed them last summer at Warped but didn’t get to catch their set because of a scheduling conflict. I certainly was not disappointed. The energy in the building was off the charts and they were clearing enjoying every moment of it. They are another band that will be extremely interesting to see where they go after Warped Tour this summer!

We Came as Romans really got the crowd off their feet and engaged in the set from the moment they took the stage. Clean vocalist Kyle Pavone was all over the stage and even out into the sold-out crowd throughout the set. Bassist Andy Glass and guitarist Lou Cotton really caught my attention with their in-sync movements throughout the night; they spun together, jumped together and rocked out together which looked insane from the crowd and was a blast to take photos of! Andy Glass also caught my attention with how animated he is when he takes the stage; he really expresses his passion for the music by singing along as he plays and by his constant movement around the stage. They are a band that stands out for sounding even better live then they do on a CD or iPhone. This in combination with their stage presence makes them a must see live act. They are by far one of my favorite live bands after this show!

August Burns Red was the band that took be my surprise Thursday night—I’d only caught a song or two at Warped Tour last summer and at the time they were a bit heavier then I listened to so I didn’t pay much attention. What was I thinking?! After Thursday I’m really kicking myself for not really giving them a chance before this because they were above and beyond fantastic! Jake Luhrs is one of the most intense frontmen I’ve ever seen; he really gets into every song and every lyric with his facial expressions and body language. He also does some really interesting tricks with the microphone when he is not singing or screaming which had me a little concerned with not getting hit in the face as he threw it around, but it was still awesome to see. Bassist Dustin Davidson really stood out during the performance as well because of the smile that was painted on his face throughout the entire thing. He’s one of those musicians that clearly loves what he is doing and its beautiful to see. Not only that but he too has an amazing stage presence being goofy at some points and intense at others.

By the time Asking Alexandria took the stage the crowd was out of control, well not really out of control because security did an amazing job catching crowd surfers and maintaining a safe environment for all fans, but it was certainly an energetic and excited crowd. The circle pits had formed all over the crowd and crowd surfing was nearly constant at some points. Asking Alexandria really knows how to get a crowd going and get fans into every song they perform. Danny Worsnop, frontman, for the group, has the unbelievable ability to switch between a beautiful singing voice and deep, also very well done, unclean vocals in an instant. They too convey how much they love what they’re doing through facial expressions and how they play their instruments.

It was clear the fans were having the time of their lives throughout the entire show and that each and every group truly put on a performance fans loved. All five bands are groups I would highly recommend seeing live whether it be on this tour if it hasn’t been to your city yet or when they come back later this year. They all know how to command the stage and make their live music even better then the music fans listen to on their iPhones or iPods.

More photos from the show on my tumblr

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