Week 2: Set It Off



The second band to be featured as the spotlight band of the week is… Set it Off!

They have really caught my attention on numerous occasions with their hard work and dedication as well as their theatric live performances.

cody carson2


I’ve seen Set it Off quite a few times and each time they never fail to impress with a fantastic live performance. It is evident during their sets that they are all extremely passionate for what they do and love every minute of it. There’s never a dull moment on stage from the guitar spins and jumps by Dan Clermont, Zach DeWall, and Austin Kerr to the crowd walking, trust falls, and climbing of amps by frontman Cody Carson. Then there’s Maxx Danzinger back on drums usually with a drum stick in his mouth when he’s not playing with it; I’m really starting to wonder if he’s got flavored drum sticks or something…




On their most recent tour the group decided to make a drastic change to the normal setlist; they created a story that plays out for fans through the songs they play and the monologue Cody does in between songs. It was really interesting to see and a nice change of pace from the normal concert experience. It seemed like a perfect fit for a group that already takes a theatric approach to performances. If the Reunion tour with We Are the In Crowd hasn’t hit your city yet be sure to get your tickets and see the story play out for yourself!


austin kerr1


What really catches my attention about Set it Off is their dedication and hard work—there are many talented groups with fantastic stage presence but the relationship the band forms with their fans is rare to see. I saw them on Warped Tour last summer but not on stage; although I did catch their set I first saw them walking the line promoting their set and re-release of Cinematics, taking pictures with fans, and meeting anyone and everyone they could. For the majority of the day at least one person from the band was at their merch tent to hangout with fans and take pictures. They even added a second signing to ensure everyone got the opportunity to get things signed and meet the band because many people did not get to attend the first one.

dan clermont2


I saw them on the Scream it like you Mean it tour as well and it was no different. They all came out to meet fans and stayed by the merch table until security informed them that it was time to clear out, at which time they went outside with fans to ensure everyone was able to get things signed and pictures with the band.

zach dewall1


The group has bracelets that say “Set it Off is family” which could not be more accurate. This is not limited to just the guys in the band; tour manager Andrew Cramb and Marshall Traver their merch guy are just as much a part of the “SIO Family” as the guys in the band. Fans know the two of them just as well as they know the band and take time to meet them, chat and take pictures. It’s amazing to see such a close knit group from the band and crew to the fans.

cody carson


Set if Off is the spotlight band this week because they truly embody everything musicians should aspire to be; they are talented, hardworking, and humble. They are some of the most down to earth guys I’ve met, no matter where they are or how much they grow they always seem to appreciate where they’ve come from and how they’ve gotten to where they are.


cody and dan


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