We are Savages tour review

I got the chance to stop by Gramercy Theater Friday night to catch Breathe Carolina’s We Are Savages Tour with Jonny Craig, Ghost Town, and Divided by Friday. It was a very enjoyable show that definitely felt like more of a rave then a concert at times, which was a nice change of pace from the hardcore shows I usually cover.

Divided by Friday kicked off the night with a great set that got the crowd off their feet and ready for a fun night! They had the crowd engaged and excited throughout their entire set!

Ghost Town took the stage next with an equally energetic set. I was quite surprised when frontman Kevin Ghost not only went over the crowd to sing with them, but actually climbed into the crowd. I’m used to singers on the barricade and occasionally on the crowd, but the only other time I’ve seen a singer audacious enough to stand among fans in the pit and sing their song was when John O’Callaghan of the Maine did it last summer. Fans seemed to really love it!

Jonny Craig took the stage next with a very interesting set. It was not at all what I was expecting and I’m still a bit puzzled how it fit with the rest of the bands on tour but it was good nonetheless.

Breathe Carolina seems to get better and better every time I see them. This was the third time in the past year I’ve seen them and once again it was absolutely fantastic. The show really felt like a rave at times with songs like Blackout and Last Night (Vegas) but got back to the concert feel with their new song, Sellouts. David Schmitt, Breathe Carolina frontman, joked about Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria who is featured in Sellouts being down the road and thanked fans for selling out the show. If you haven’t gotten the chance to see Breathe Carolina live definitely check out the tour or catch their set at Warped this summer!

The We Are Savages tour was certainly a great show! Everyone from the fans to the band really seemed to have an enjoyable night!

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