Interview with Marshall of Like London

I caught up with Marshall Traver from the band Like London the other day! For those of you who recognize the name but not sure from where from, he currently sells merch and tours with Set it Off. He’s got his own band, Like London, learn a bit about them here and give them a listen!
like london
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Introduce your band and what everyone does for the band?
I’m Marshall and I sing in Like London! Jared programs and sings also. Tony plays guitar. Alex plays bass and hunter plays drums!

How did you guys all meet?
I met tony and Jared through local bands an mutual friends years ago. We’ve played in bands together before. Hunter was in a band who put on a yearly show that my old band always played and Alex shot a cover video for myself and Jared a while back. We all became close friends through music so we figured it’d be the perfect lineup for us!

What brought you together as a band?
Tony and I were in a band and it ended suddenly so I started touring and running merch for a band called Set it Off. After being back in the music scene and watching kids come out and have fun at shows I called everyone and asked if they’d be into starting a band and everyone was beyond excited!

What was the inspiration behind the three songs you’ve released?
Alive is about a rough part of my life where I only partied. Like only partied period. Start a riot is about two friends we all share that dated for a while and we watched their relationship crumble. Vandals is about our music scene. We have a group of musicians from Toledo who are close minded and hate on everything.

Any plans to release new music or start writing again?
Absolutely! We plan on releasing a longer ep this fall! 

How is it for you doing merch and touring with Set it Off and being in band?
It’s fun! The cross promotion is great! It’ll get a little harder when like london starts to tour, but I love constantly touring so I’m so excited for the challenge! Come say hi to me at a Set it Off show!

How is it for the rest of the band?
The rest of the band is real supportive. It was weird. I kind of quit my last band to do this and tony and Jared were both a part of that band. It ended up working out though! The whole band came out to see us in Michigan on this tour. 

What experiences have you leaned on the road that you plan to bring to your new band?
I’ve learned that the trick to touring is to be honest with your band. I definitely plan to bring that to the table once we start touring!

Do you have plans to tour or play shows when you’re not out with Set it Off?
Absolutely! We should be ready to tour by fall! Keep an eye out!

If you could make your dream tour for your band who would you play with?
I’d definitely want to take set it off. That would be incredible. I’d also love to involve fall out boy, one direction and panic at the disco. That would be my dream tour for like London.

What’s the funniest story you have from a band practice? 
That’s such a hard question. Generally we just crack a lot of funny jokes about “how much money would it take you to…” Those are always good.

Do you have anything to say to those supporting you?
We all 5 appreciate it so much! Make sure to check out our lyric video for Start a Riot here

Also download our ep at http://www.

Check out their Facebook page, twitter, and instagram!

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