The Unconditional Tour *covered for make waves

I was fortunate enough to catch the Unconditional Tour featuring Memphis May Fire, The Word Alive, A Skylit Drive, Hands like Houses, and Beartooth Friday night at the Palladium in Worcester, MA and it was a fantastic night.  All five bands were phenomenal and put on a show that is sure to standout in fans’ minds for sometime.  There was stage diving, laser lights and even flips on the stage. It was an energetic, high action night for sure.

Beartooth kicked off the night with a strong set, getting the crowd engaged and off their feet from the start. They were definitely the perfect band to open on this tour! They are most certainly a band to see at Warped Tour this summer!

Hands like Houses was next and also put on a great set. Everyone from those in the crowd to the guys on stage was jumping around for the whole set; it was evident that a great time was had by all. They are certainly a high energy awesome band to see live.

A Skylit Drive took the stage next; they were absolutely amazing. I’d never seen them before and I’m so glad I got the chance to.  Jag was all over the stage and even out into the crowd for a real sing along at one point. Everyone in the band gets so into every song, playing or singing with giant smiles on their faces. It’s blatantly clear that they love what they’re doing which just makes the show even more fun for those watching. I very much enjoy their music and it is mixed into various playlists on my phone, but they’re a band you must see live at least once (I doubt you’ll be able to see them just once after you’ve been to a show, though). They exceeded my expectations with their live performance. If you haven’t seen them, put them atop your “must see” list for Warped and if they haven’t hit up your city on the Unconditional Tour yet, get your tickets now; seriously, you won’t regret it!

The Word Alive was the band that absolutely took me by surprise.  I did not really know their music all that well before the show and from what I’d heard I figured they would be good but likely would not be my favorite band. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I figured going in I would enjoy A Skylit Drive as I knew their music better and very much enjoy it and I knew I’d love Memphis May Fire because I’ve seen them a handful of times and they’re fantastic.  The Word Alive is by far one of the greatest live bands I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t even say how many shows I’ve been to or bands I’ve seen. Telle’s vocals are spot on and his energy and enthusiasm are above and beyond that of most performers. Zack and Daniel were all over the stage and into the crowd quite a few times. Zack really seemed to enjoy stage diving, guitar and all, and didn’t miss a note the entire time. There was always something insane going on during their set whether it was Zack, Daniel or Telle out in the crowd, literally in the crowd not behind the barricade actually on top of the crowd, or Telle throwing a back flip off one of the risers while the band jammed out. They’ll be on Warped Tour this summer as well, and like A Skylit Drive they should be on top of your list of must see bands.

Memphis May Fire closed out the night with an amazing set as always. They had a great deal of variety in their setlist this tour which was really nice to see because they past three times I’ve seen them there hasn’t been too much variation. They were absolutely fantastic and seem to get better and better every time. They too are a band that you can really see the passion for they have for music and for their fans. It’s evident how much they love what they’re doing which is awesome to see. It always astounds me how soft Matty speaks when he isn’t screaming or singing but his vocals were outstanding.

If The Unconditional Tour has not been to your city yet I absolutely recommend getting tickets and going, go to two shows if you can. Every band on this tour is extremely talented and puts on fantastic sets that everyone in the crowd can enjoy regardless of how familiar you may (or may not) be with their music. This show certainly exceeded the expectations I had and they were set pretty high. Great music, fun atmosphere, a must see show for sure!

The rest of the photos from the show are on my tumblr

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