It’s Like They Never Left Reunion Tour *Covered for Make Waves*


I went to the Lost Horizon in Syracuse last night to see the “It’s like they Never Left Reunion Tour” with We Are the In Crowd, William Beckett, Set it Off, State Champs and Candy Hearts. The venue was absolutely packed, you’d never have know there was a huge basketball game that night for Syracuse with the amount of people at the show. Although during William Beckett’s set screams from the bar were perfectly timed to coincide with the ending of his song.  As a Duke fan I was quite happy to be able to check the score at the bar, but the show was amazing to the point I forgot at times that the game was even going on.


Candy Hearts took the stage first and kicked off the show on a good note.



State Champs took the stage next and put on a set that had the entire crowd off their feet jumping around and moshing. Kids were crowd surfing up to the stage and then diving back into the crowd and having a great time until security started violently throwing people who crowd surfed out of the show. There was no prior warning that they were not allowed to be doing that. I was a bit taken back with the way they were handling the kids and I was not the only one as a group of people around me stopped to watch security drag kids out of the pit and shove them up the stairs towards the exit. State Champs played through the commotion and put on a phenomenal set as they have all three times I’ve seen them.

cody carson


Set it Off took the stage next entering to “Thoughts that Breathe” as they always do but this time they entered wearing the black hoodies and red face masks they have posted on various social media sites (instagram, twitter, ect.). This tour was a bit different then past ones have been for them, they mixed up their setlist a bit more then normal and they told a story through their songs. They arranged the setlist to flow in a way that they could tell the tragic story of lovers through their music and their speeches in between songs. The energy and intensity on stage was unbelievable and fantastic as it always is with Set it Off. They are an extremely talented hard working group of guys that have really earned everything they’ve achieved. Be sure to keep an eye out for new music that they’re currently working on with John Feldman! Interview to come soon as well!




William too the stage after Set it Off and slowed things down considerable playing an acoustic set. It was a bit weird to have an acoustic set as direct support to the headliner but nonetheless William Beckett certainly played a great set. A very controversial call during the Duke vs. Syracuse game came as the end of one of William Beckett’s songs and the bar erupted into screams and although it was timed perfectly with the end of a song the reaction certainly did not fit and the entire crowd and Beckett couldn’t help but laugh. Beckett had fans engaged the entire set encouraging them to sing along and move around.

We are the in Crowd was certainly the band that surprised me the most out of the entire show.  I’ve seen State Champs a handful of times, Set it off numerous time and I’d seen We are the in Crowd quite a few times as well and I knew how crazy sets get for State Champs and Set it Off but We are the in Crowd was more upbeat and energetic then I’ve ever seen from them. They put on a fantastic set mixed with new and old songs so everyone in the crowd was able to sing along and have a great time.

If you are a fan of any of these bands, whether you’ve just gotten into them or you’ve been listening to them for years, this is a must see tour! Last night was only the second night of the tour so be sure to check out any of their Facebook pages to see when they’ll be in your city and get to that show—you wont regret it!

check out the rest of the photos on my photography page

*covered for Make Waves

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