Fight the Silence Tour *Covered for Make Waves*

for today


I went to NYC to see the “Fight the Silence Album release tour” at Gramercy Theater.  For Today headlined the tour with support of Like Moths to Flames, Stray from the Path, The Plot in You and Fit for a King. As soon as I got into Penn Station Sunday night I knew the show was sure to be packed based on the number of kids walking around that were definitely there for the show; in fact the show ended up selling out and I don’t think another person could have fit in the pit at all. The crowd was wild and out of control all night with a massive circle pit opened up for most of the show, if not all of it. There was almost no room to maneuver out of the room and down to the merch tables or bar when any of the bands were on.

As Fit for a King took the stage the crowd was jumping and ready to go. The band put on a fantastic sets that certainly got the entire crowd involved and even more excited for the rest of the show.

The Plot in You came on next and the crowd was definitely excited to see them take the stage as the crowd surfing and moshing continued to grow. When they closed with “Miscarriage” there was not a single person standing still in the crowd.

Stray from the Path came next hailing from Long Island, New York. It was evident that it was pretty much a hometown show. Fans all seemed to know lyrics to the songs, singing many of them back at the band throughout the set.

Like Moths to Flames was the standout band of the night for me.  I’d never seen any of the bands before and they certainly took me by surprise with how energetic and involved they were with the crowd.  Their sound was phenomenal, even better then on their albums. It was a high energy, well put together set that was sure to standout to everyone at the show.

For Today also put on a phenomenal set that the crowd was very involved in, singing along and moshing all night.  The pit was nearly impossible to avoid and the crowd surfers were all over. It was clear that people were having an amazing time and the band really seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.

The entire show was high energy and had the crowd moving all night. The bands and fans alike all seemed to enjoy the night and with good reason—every act put on great performances. Definitely all bands I’d recommend checking out.

*covered for Make Waves

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