Glamour Kills Holiday Festival (covered for

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The energy in the building was out of control at Webster Hall for the Glamour Kills Holiday Festival featuring Hit the Lights, Handguns, State Champs, Vinnie Caruana and No Good News. The energy grew with each change of set with fans literally hanging from the ceiling by the time Handguns took the stage, ending with a young man going across the top of the crowd using ceiling beams as monkey bars during Hit the Lights’ set. No Good News and Vinnie Caruana both put on good sets as well, despite having been added last minute due to the show having been rescheduled because of last week’s blizzard.

State Champs put on a show that will not soon be forgotten by fans with a high energy and enthusiastic performance. Many people had not seen State Champs before, however it was evident that it did not matter. Fans all got into the set, jumping around, crowd surfing, and singing the entire time.

Handguns took the stage next, with an equally impressive stage presence. The crowd get even rowdier than they had previously been with more people crowd surfing to the stage only to stage dive back into the crowd. One fan even grabbed onto the beams above his head as he was crowd surfing to lift himself even higher.

By the time Hit the Lights took the stage, the crowd was wild. The number of crowd surfers had once again multiplied. Everyone in the venue seemed to be singing or screaming along for the entirety of the set. It was the first time Hit the Lights ever played Skip School, Start Fights (2008) front to back. The energy never died out even with songs that Hit the Lights had never played before.

*I covered this for Make Waves

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