Bury the Hatchet Tour *covered for makewavesyo.com

craig mabbitt

ronnie radke
Sometimes it’s the most unlikely things that turn out to be the best. This was most certainly the case for the Bury the Hatchet Tour. Very few people out there would have predicted a tour featuring Escape the Fate and Falling in Reverse; anyone who is even somewhat familiar with either band knows how unlikely this was yet it was hands down one of the best shows I have seen in quite awhile. Chelsea Grin and Survive This! seemed to be the perfect support for the tour.

Survive This! kicked off the night with an energetic and upbeat set catching the attention of the sold out crowd at Best Buy Theater in New York City last Thursday evening. Their album “The Life You’ve Chosen” came out last year under the production of Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke. After the set I had the pleasure of sitting down with Shawn Zyvoloski, frontman for Survive This!, and he had some really cool things to say about everything from working with Radke to who’s the funniest on tour.

Chelsea Grin took the stage next and wow did the crowd react. Security had to pull double time to catch all of the crowd surfers making their way to the front of the venue screaming along to the songs the entire time. Chelsea Grin helped to fulfill the wish of a youngman battling a life threating disease by having him on stage with them and spending time with him throughout the show, which was truly one of the most beautiful parts of the evening.

Escape the Fate put on a phenomenal set as always with fans getting even more into the show then they had previously been. The setlist had a fantastic mix of new and older songs, which seemed to make everyone quite happy. It was a bit strange to see so many fans in Falling in Reverse attire cheering along to the music but it was certainly a good thing!

Falling in Reverse also put on a fantastic set, getting the crowd amped up and very much into it. Radke even took the time to share the mic with a crowd surfer who had made his way up to the front while Radke was there.

Fans got to see something many, myself included, thought they never would see again; Radke joined Escape the Fate on stage to preform “Situations” and “Not Good Enough for the Truth in Cliché”. This was absolutely a sight to see and a performance that will not leave people’s minds for some time. It may have been even more shocking to see Ronnie Radke on stage performing with Craig Mabbitt. It is refreshing to see what can come of people moving on and getting over the past. All four bands put on spectacular performances and made it a show that will not be forgotten!
*I covered this for Make Waves*


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